I'm Nicola, a 30-something custodian of 2 small humans (Lola & Lockie), one chocolate Labrador (John) and one adult male (let's call him Big Slice). We split our time between our distillery in the Perthshire countryside and visits back home to family & friends in Edinburgh. After a dose of double maternity leave, I decided brand repping for a global spirits company was no longer for me so I launched a blog, did a course in social media management and began taking on clients looking for help in growing their reach and refining their strategy online! 

This blog is for anyone who spends more time than they should on social media, anyone who idly wonders why they don't have a cream suede corner sofa with marabou scatter cushions in shades of sorbet. Anyone who can't fathom why their eyebrows are consistently *not* on fleek, and everyone whom despite their best efforts, only ever seem to make Nutribullet juices that taste like dirty pond. 

Rather than aimlessly perusing the immaculate lives of others, it is my aim to remind and encourage you to make full and best use of the time you have; learn that language, detox that wardrobe, finish that book.. the list is endless. 

Let's find your happy.

N x