Doing My Face a Favour with Zen Lifestyle, Edinburgh

Zen Hanover Street

You may have recently noticed that growing my online following is bringing some nice perks with it; bespoke advice at 3am via DM, clotted cream scones in the post, and most recently a kind invitation from Zen Lifestyle to come along and enjoy the grand fromage of facials.

I like to think of myself as low-maintenance.. but then I clock up the manicures (hot pink, monthly) the waxing (nostrils to toes and err’thing in between) the tanning (3 different products, coming soon in another post) and it begs the question - why have I have allowed my money maker to become so tired, congested and neglected?

As a mum of two piglets (17months & 2.5yrs) I’m adept at looking in the mirror and picking my face apart (literally and figuratively; someone hide my tweezers) I can only assume it hasn’t occurred to give my face some TLC because it’s still very much weathering the storm of extreme and prolonged sleep deprivation. In the lead up to Christmas, mum asked what I would like from Santa and I replied “someone to take a Black & Decker to the top 5 layers of my skin” which she somehow interpreted as “another Jo Malone candle, please” so time marched on, I forgot, and as Spring approached, my face began to resemble the arid crusty mud flats of Lake Ndutu during the Serengeti dry season.


Fortuitous then that as a Mother’s Day treat, Helen at Zen gave my knackered visage the treat to end all treats. I lost track of what was happening after 5 minutes (lying on a heated faux fur blanket will do that to a girl) and towards the end I was jolted out of sleep by the beginnings of a dribble slather running down the side of my chin. Thankfully, the girls furnished me with a menu after the event, detailing all the steps:

  • Cleanse with Murad refreshing cleanser and resurgence cleanser
  • Prepping solution applied for peel to balance ph level out of skin
  • Peel applied for 4minutes. This is a deep exfoliation with glycolic, lactic acid removing dead skin cells and helping to naturally hydrate the skin keeping it brighter, smoother and looking radiant
  • Soothing massage cream applied with cucumber extract to shoulders along with eye firming mask massaged around the eyes
  • Soothing face mask applied
  • Age defying serum applied before Omnilux light to help penetrate further
  • Omnilux light therapy treatment carried out for 20minutes, skin rejuvenation treatment encouraging the skin to naturally repair and renew itself as well as stimulating cells responsible for collagen production. Massage carried out while treatment on.
  • Finishing products applied, Murad hydro dynamic and renewing eye cream

There are definitely worse ways to spend a Friday afternoon.


Helen’s recommendation is for facials like the above to be carried out no more frequently than every 6 weeks (Omnilux can be done as often as you like; in some cases it’s used as part of the treatment for SAD). While I can’t currently stretch to something this indulgent every other month, I have made a commitment to treat my face with the care, attention and respect it deserves going forward. No excuses.

Now, can anyone recommend a face mask hack utilising blue milk Weetabix and rejected avocado?

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