Bikini Waxing for Beginners with Frenchy's, Edinburgh

Last week the gorgeous ladies at Frenchy’s in Edinburgh’s Bruntsfield were kind enough to invite me along for a bikini wax. Mindful that I hadn’t set foot in a beautician since my festive de-fuzz mid-December, I accepted their generous offer, but advised that they order in extra wax and a Flymo in preparation for my visit.

I would always recommend popping a couple of painkillers before waxing appointments, but in my excitement I had neglected to do so and was terrified of what was to come. The salon owner, Vicki, put me right at ease and explained they use Waxperts products which are made in Ireland and owned by 2 seriously inspirational entrepreneurs called Ellen & Trish. Owing to some scientific voodoo magic their products make the procedure as pain-free as possible. Now, I’ve had waxes that have left me clinging to the light fittings, I’ve had bleeding, I’ve had to rip my thong out of my bum hole after it has been fused to my skin by residual wax. THIS VISIT WAS NOT ONE OF THOSE. Considering I had no paracetamol in my system, it was - dare I say it - almost a pleasant experience! Brilliant waxers are extremely hard to find, but Frenchy’s gets the flower-friendly gold-star stamp of approval from me. 

After my appointment I invited you to fire over any burning questions, which I will cover off now; please feel free to email me any others or comment below!


Q1. How do I know which type of waxing treatment to go for? 

A. Luckily our wee pal Google can furnish us with a visual of your options. I wouldn’t recommend going full stripper on your first visit.. unless you have a ceiling-high pain threshold or a really, really important 7th date. Always best to take it in stages. 

Q2. How often do you get it done?

A. As often as i can afford it! Someone in the know will keep me right here, but I tend to book in roughly every 8 weeks.

Q3. Underwear on or underwear off?

A. It depends on the salon, on you, and on the type of wax. If you’re having a short back & sides it’s knickers on, but if you’re clearing the runway then your pants are only going to get in the way of business.

Q4. Does it hurt?

A. Having hair removed from a part of your body never seen by daylight? I mean you’re not going to pass out or anything, but it can make your eyes water on occasion.

Q5. It looks a bit karma sutra to me; legs everywhere, no?

A. Your therapist will talk you through it; you generally start off in the “smear position” heels together, knees down, then if your bum is less peach, more coconut like mine, then you put your knees to your chest and think happy thoughts, or I’ve had other waxers get me to lie on my front or go on all fours (seriously, you need to leave your dignity in reception). All you can do is roll with it, laugh hysterically, and reassure yourself with the knowledge that they have seen much MUCH worse. Promise x

Nicola PSBComment