12 Days of Fitness with Leana Robinson

Leana Robinson PT

When Leana and I first conspired to collaborate on a workout, it was around Christmas time - Boom! the '12 Days of Fitness' theme was born! I have slowed the video down to make it easier for you to check your technique and omitted sound so you can choose your own motivational music to go along with it.

Whether you opt for the below format (starting with 1 rep, working up to 12) or do the same number for each, we hope you enjoy this video and implement elements into your own exercise regime!

On the first day of fitness my PT gave to meeeee......!

1. A Pushup and a Burpee

2. Broad Jumps

3. Bear Squats

4. Pedalow Twists

5. Roll Ups

6. Squat Kicks

7. Inner Thigh Criss Cross jumps

8. Curtsy lunges

9. Tricep Push Ups

10. Plank Toe Taps

11. Jump Squats

12. Walking Lunges

More info on Prosecco & Push Ups can be found here

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