The 'Anyone-Can-Make' Cushion Cover with Lovely Lydia

I’m serious, this could not be any simpler. Yet it looks amazing and takes almost no time to make. I’ve spent longer typing this blog post than making the cushion…

This is known as an envelope cushion - one side tucks over the other so you don’t need zips or buttons! With this version there are only 4 seams to sew.

Before we start- I’m going to assume you know how to use your sewing machine. If you don’t, there are loads of tutorials online and you might well find one that is geared specifically towards your own/borrowed machine. All you need is a straight stitch (the most basic).

Here we go!

envelope cushion


You will need:

envelope cushion you will need

1 cushion pad of 50cm x 50cm

Fabric in one piece cut to 140cm x 54cm                

Iron and ironing board

Measuring Tape



Thread to match/ contrast your fabric


1. Lay your fabric on the ironing board Right-Side (that’s the pattern side) facing down, short side facing you, so that the length is stretching away from you.

2. Turn the short edge inwards 5cm, lining up the fabric to keep it as straight as possible - I use a bit of an old cereal packet cut to 5cm for this job to save me measuring it manually.

3. Iron press the fold, then turn it over again another 5cm and press again.

4. We’re going to sew the fold into place- *TOP TIP* Pin the folds at right angles to where you’re going to sew. This stops the fabric slipping and you can also sew over the pins so it’s a much better way to pin.

Repeat Steps 1-4 with the other end of the fabric in exactly the same way


Your fabric *should* now look like the above!

5. Set your machine to straight stitch (might look a bit like the below).

6. Place the foot so the left side is on the edge of the fold and sew all the way across.

7. Repeat with the other end. Remove the pins and press the edge again.

8. Lay the fabric on the ironing board so that the length of the fabric is running left-right (rather than stretching out in front of you like before). This time Right Side (Pattern Side) up, facing you.

9. Fold the left side in, then the right side, so that one overlaps the other- just by eye you can line up the fabric so everything is square and ship-shape.

10. Measure the width so that left-to-right, it measures 50cm (the same as your cushion pad); adjust the flaps, left and right until you get the width to the right measurements.

11. Press the far left and right edges and pin into place - again, place the pins at right angles to the direction you are sewing.

*TOP TIP* One side of your cushion might be a bit wonkier than the other- this is the side to sew first.

12. Sew a line of straight stitch a little in from the edge. *TOP TIP* If you’re worried about sewing a straight line, you can use a ruler to draw a straight line with a ruler, using a pencil. No one will see it, it’s on the inside!

13. Remove the pins and press from the side you’ve just sewn.

14. Measure from your sewn seam 50cm and mark the fabric.

15. Line up this mark with the groove in the sewing machine foot and sew all the way across

16. If you’ve got excess fabric either side of your sewn seams, cut this off. It doesn’t have to be neat.

17. Turn the cushion round the right way, pressing out the corners with your fingers. Press all over.

And finally - now you’re ready to squeeze in your cushion! It takes a bit of wrestling but make sure you push the pad corners well into the cover corners, then plump and squish and pull till it’s in just the right place.

And Ta Daaa… you’re done!

Next time i'll be showing you how to make your very own beach bag!


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