Not Getting Pregnant... #1 We're both in love with my Gynaecologist

Not Getting Pregnant...

#1 We're both in love with my Gynaecologist

by Just Call Me Delilah

Hubby and I have been trying for a baby for 3 years and 4 months. I won’t bore you as to why, the point is I’m not pregnant and I want to be pregnant, but I’m utterly fed up being so serious about it. I can’t be the only one out there facing the Mum-pressure, the clichés, the lovely well wishers we’d actually like to just shut up and the mind bending medical side of it all.... Anyone? Anyone at all...? Just me then...

Anyway, the particular, peculiar humour of it all is uppermost in my mind today as I’ve got an appointment with my Gynaecologist tomorrow. My Gynaecologist is HOT. I’m desperately in love with him. The best way I can describe him is like a soft-edged Chuka Umunna (you know, the MP... occasionally shows up on the telly). He has big brown eyes you just fall into. He is confident and clear but his voice is soft. He is a dream boat. So dreamy, even my manly husband freely admits he is also in love with him. I don't mind admitting we both love him because he’s made us feel like human beings for the first time in this whole process. A process that has been going on a lot longer than those 3 years 4 months.

If you’ve also been trying for a while, you will probably have seen a litany of medical professionals, to the point where, to pick an analogy, the flight attendant is going through the safety features of your aircraft but you’ve heard it all so many times you don’t take your eyes from your magazine. I’ve seen my own womb and ovaries so often, I’d have no trouble recognising them at a cocktail party (I’d ignore them though, we have our differences shall we say...) I’ve had exams so brutally impersonal that I’ve wept in the arms of nurses afterwards, I’ve had specialists be really lovely then tear my lifestyle to pieces (“you had a glass of WINE last week? And you want to get pregnant.. well that’s got to stop...”) as well as a few in between that were entirely forgettable.

So yes, someone that makes you feel like a human being, who doesn’t suck their teeth when they look at your notes and give you a lecture... That’s a bonus. It’s nice to feel more than just a body that’s not behaving the way you want it to. BUT, it’s not just me that’s in love with my Gynaecologist. It just so happens that I know a few people who work at the hospital. I coyly mentioned his name in safe company and was met with squeals... Apparently you can be unceremoniously elbowed out of the way so that someone else can get in the lift beside him, and people share stories of getting alone time with him... No! He’s not like that... he’s a gentleman. He’s not remotely sleazy (I wouldn’t show just anyone my ovaries) but my, what a warm feeling you get being near him. My husband agrees. We talk about him often in first name terms “what would Javid say....”

So back to tomorrow. My Gynaecologist “please call me Javid” will be talking to us about what the next step might be for us. The last round of drugs didn’t work so I don’t know what he’s going to say, or what he has to say is going to mean. But first things first, what am I going to wear?

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