The Power of Positive Parenting with @atclaireshouse

As a Mum of four (2 boys & 2 girls, ranging from 13-4), most people assume I have parenting nailed. They ask me for advice and often I do have something to say (mostly because I’m a neurotic Mum who read aaaall the books) but I often reply that each child is different and I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT still learning on the job.

Lately I have become really interested in nurturing our little ones minds. Having spent a lot of time planning healthy meals (fish pie is mostly met with a disgusted grimace), enforcing long country walks (met with cries of despair) and generally keeping my precious beings healthy and safe (less than 10 trips to A&E on record so far…) I began to question how long I had spent on their mental health. With the massive boom in modern technology and already seeing the grip it has on my oldest two (and me if I’m honest), I wanted to help them learn how to be their own person by developing positive thoughts and an inner strength.

I discovered Mindful Kin cards on Instagram (@mindful_kin) and immediately knew Sal (an amazing primary school teacher and Mummy) had created a product that was exactly what I wanted. When the cards arrived, I sat down with my youngest daughter and we talked, breathed, and connected. It felt magical. I have since talked to my other children about mindfulness, and the importance of taking time out for yourself to just listen and breathe. Although met with the obvious teen scoffing from the oldest, I know some of the sentiments have hit home and I’m sure they will reflect on these talks in the future on the odd occasions when life gets a bit too much.

For older children, another way I have enjoyed reinforcing the message of positivity is with typographic artwork (having a graphic design background makes this painfully cliché ) these pretty words definitely resonate and give the kids a much needed lift on a difficult day. I hope to nurture and build their mental strength as much as I have tried to do with their physical wellbeing; I know putting the effort in now will see them equipped for whatever life throws at them in the future. In a world that seems ever growing in negativity, I want to give my children the gift of positive thought and the ability to find peace within themselves. I guess I’d like that for myself too, afterall, a little mindfulness is a great skill to practice at any age.


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