Welcome pieces of correspondence include, but are not limited to:

- I found this a jolly good read on the commute this morning, thanks Nic. 

- Would you like to be my friend? Not in a weird way.

- I just emailed to say 'I love you', and I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

- I don't like my eyebrows either, can we form a girlband?

- We represent a very exciting company and want to send you presents, would that be okay?

- I don't agree with your views, but goddamn it I respect you for having them.

- I think my husband is one of your ex boyfriends. Why didn't you warn me?

- I like writing too. Please can I do a guest post about the private lives of water voles and their vital role in the British countryside ecosystem/making an emergency rainbow castle out of jelly the night before my child's 3rd birthday party/my cat's ability to open post and pay bills online while i'm at work?



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